Hanstead Park is currently closed to the public due to ongoing maintenance of the grounds. Friends of Hanstead Wood can arrange access via the security team on site. We will provide further updates about public access to this private site in due course.


St Congar Land is pleased to announce that an outline planning application for the Hanstead Park redevelopment scheme has now been submitted to St Albans District Council. The proposal has been shaped and influenced through pre planning application discussions with the planning officers of St Albans District Council and comments taken from the consultation process with members of the public and other key stakeholders. St Albans District Council will determine the application in November 2013.

St Congar has sought to ensure that the proposal is compliant with the Green Belt policies contained in the National Planning Policy Framework and to that end the proposal has been assessed through a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment and Green Belt Assessment which concludes that no harm would be caused to the openness of the Green Belt by virtue of the layout and scale of development proposed, which is situated on previously-developed land.

St Congar proposes 167 new dwellings on the site, plus conversion of the New Lodge and Hanstead House to provide a further 8 dwellings. Much of the existing high quality landscape setting and existing high quality trees will be retained and supplemented.

Vehicular access will be via the existing road off Smug Oak Lane. The entrances on Drop Lane will only be used for access to the Hanstead House apartments or for walkers and cyclists. Hanstead Park will also be serviced by a subsidised bus route over the next five years.

St Congar and its team would like to thank the local residents for their feedback following the public exhibition in September 2012 and subsequent meetings which allowed proposals for the site to be shaped with sensitivity to the surrounding area and the needs of local residents.